Meet "Tiny" the 125 million years young Stegosaurus

28 May 2016 11:00

Guildhall Shopping Centre

Meet "Tiny" the 125 million years young Stegosaurus

An exciting event is coming to the shopping centre on Saturday 28th May 2016.  For the first time ever a 'real live' dinosaur will be walking the malls of the Guildhall in Stafford.

 "Tiny" is a 125 million years young dinosaur brought to life by the wonders of modern science. You can pet her, you can feed her, you can talk to her in dinosaur language; just make sure you avoid the dreaded Thagomizer or you might end up extinct yourself!

Our dinosaur is accompanied by a palaeontologist who presents alively and informative natural history show in which audiences are encouraged to share their knowledge of dinosaurs and to come up with some scientific theories of their own – comparative anatomy has never been so much fun.

This is an amazing opportunity to get up close & personal with a ‘real live’ dinosaur for the first time since the Cretaceous Era and to find out a few things about how they lived and why they disappeared. For example, dinosaurs aren’t quite as extinct as you might think; if you look out of your window you might see one right now!”

As well as meeting "Tiny" children coming along to the Dinosaur Experience Day can participate in free colouring and mask making workshops as well as join in with the free face painting and our tattoo parlour.  

Tiny will be making 3 x 25 minute appearances during the day at 11.00am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm.

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