Nordic Walk your way to Health & Fitness

18 July 2015 09:00 - 17:00

Guildhall Shopping Centre

Nordic Walk your way to Health & Fitness
Visit the Guildhall Shopping Centre on Saturday 18th Julyl to find out about Nordic Walking.  If you have weight issues, a bad back, suffer with stress or want to find a way of improving the health of your heart, then Nordic Walking might be right for you.

  • Nordic walking has its roots in the 1930’s when cross-country skiers came up with a way of training in the summer months using just poles;
  • Nordic Walking is a form of physical activity where the active use of a pair of specially designed Nordic Walking poles is added to regular walking;
  • The common characteristics of natural, bio-mechanically correct walking and appropriate posture are maintained in all aspects;
  • Technically correct use of the poles integrates activation of the upper body and physical strain is distributed to various muscle groups of the whole body in a versatile , balanced and appropriate way;
  • This process significantly intensifies the standard effect of walking;Nordic Walking is a safe, natural, dynamic and efficient form of exercise that trains the body in a holistic, symmetric and balanced way, helping individuals to  achieve general physical and mental well-being.

Visit us in the Guildhall to find out more!

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The Guildhall Shopping Centre
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